Fast food restaurants in London


Like all European cities, in London you’ll find so many fast food restaurants or fast-food that you can feast upon.

One of the biggest fast food chains, is the famous McDonalds, known across the globe for its budget prices and delicious burgers. You’ll also find staples like Burger King and KFC. But, if you’re looking for something that’s fast, cheap or even healthy, you’ll find it in London. There are so many takeaway options, for people who are on the go. It’s a great way of eating on a budget during your stay here too. You’ll notice that the people of London love to eat fast food, and you’ll find so many places that offer a healthy alternative to hamburgers.

In the Soho area, you’ll find so many options! You just need to talk a little wander and you’ll find a plethora of fast food joints. You can head to the markets to check out the food stalls like Camden and Portobello (Notting Hill) where you’ll be spoilt for choice with many different international cuisines. At the Camden food stalls, they will even let you sample the dishes before you buy.

Local and fast food restaurants in London

Here is a list of the fast food restaurant in London that we have tried and recommend. These are all located in central London and are great if you want to grab something quick to make time for more sightseeing.

Five Guys

This trendy London fast food hamburger restaurant is well-known in America but is relatively new in the UK. It has proven very popular amongst Londoners, and we have to say their fries are incredible. See their menu here.


This healthy fast food spot serves up tasty natural ingredients of wraps, burgers and salad. You can opt to eat in or to takeaway. Check out their menu here.

I Love Sushi

This fast food sushi restaurant is perfect for sushi lovers. It’s one of the most popular chains in London and is great if you want to stay healthy. See the official website here.


In its restaurants you’ll find all kinds of fast food, that is 100% healthy. You can choose between sushi, salmon with salad, chicken wraps with vegetables and salad; and they often offer free soup with every meal. The prepare fresh dishes on the day and they are one of the most popular chains in London. See the website here.

Pret A Manger

You won’t go far in London without seeing a Pret A Manger – stocked with sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups. They also offer coffees and teas. It can be a little pricier than other fast food places, but they taste so good. Check out their website here.


Subway is known all over the world and are renowned for their fresh bread foot longs. Using fresh ingredients, it’s fast and cheap. You’ll see plenty of them dotted around central London. See their website here.


As the name suggests, it’s full of great food on the go. It’s very similar to Pret A Manger, you’ll find sandwiches, salads, fruit, cookies, juices and coffee. Everyday they prepare hot dishes like soups, chicken puff pastry. It is a lot cheaper than Pret A Manger and you’ll find them in abundance. See the website here.


This is a truly iconic British staple that specialises in sausage rolls, pastries, fresh sandwiches and baguettes and so many sweet treats like yum yums and doughnuts. See their official website here.


The absolute best fish and chips in London! You can either eat in or take out at this restaurant. It’s a British staple that you simply must try when you visit the UK. There are only 2 in the city. One at Spitalfields market and another at Camden Market. Check out their website here.

West Cornwall Pasty

You can try another British classic quickly and easily. This well-known fast food spot that serves up staples from the Cornwall area in the UK. You can enjoy Cornish Pasties will a variety of fillings for example steak and potato. They also have a range of coffees and sweets. See their website here.

Square Pie

In Spitalfields market, we love this fast food stall where you can try typical British foods like meat pies, potatoes and peas. They are well prices and full of flavour. See the official website here.


If you’re looking for sushi, this is another great place to visit. Check out their menu here.

Fast food in London: Street food and food markets in London

As well as the many local and chain restaurants, you’ll notice that London loves a street market and street food. This means you can eat on the go and save money as you do. You’ll find dishes from all over the world to sample.

In practically all of the markets in London, you’ll find an area that is dedicated to food stalls, and in some places, they will have a small area with tables and chairs so that you can enjoy a sit down. Some of the best markets to visit are Camden, Brick Lane and Spitalfields, where you can find food from all corners of the globe.

Also, at many of London’s free events you’ll find lots of street food stalls.

Supermarket takeaway

Supermarket chains such as Tesco and Sainsbury have smaller stores that are scattered around the city, where you can find take away food options to eat on the move. For example, you get a meal deal of a sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink for just £3. They also have options like pasta, salads and sushi.


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