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Having some London Pass itineraries at hand is definitely the best way to make the most out of the London Pass, London’s most popular sightseeing pass. The London Pass gives you free access to over 80 tourist attractions in London, with fast track entry included at selected locations.

If you are planning on visiting at least a couple of attractions when visiting London, the London Pass may be a good-value option for you. When you buy a London Pass, you choose a pass that is valid for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 days. So, to know which pass to choose and get the most out of it, you need to plan ahead and know which attractions you would want to visit and over how many days.

Our sightseeing London Pass itineraries and routes have been designed to visit as many attractions as possible to get the best value out of London Pass. We have calculated what it would cost to visit these attractions without the pass to show how much money you can save by having a London Pass to visit these attractions.

The truth is that the more days you buy the London Pass for, the better value it becomes as each extra day costs around an additional £20. Due to the price of many London attractions, this is quickly made back by visiting just one or two attractions each day.

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London Pass Itineraries: How to get the most out of London Pass

Find our London Pass itineraries below, with maps that highlight the location of the attractions included in each of our London Pass itineraries. The prices that we have stated in brackets for each attraction is the cost of buying an adult ticket for said attraction on the day at the ticket office. We will total up the cost for the day at the end, and compare to the price of a London Pass, letting you know exactly how much you would be saving if you followed these London Pass itineraries.

Index of Contents:

> 1 Day London Pass Itinerary 
> 2 Day London Pass Itinerary
> Map for 1 and 2 Day London Pass Itineraries
> 3 Day London Pass Itinerary
> Map for 3 Day London Pass Itinerary
> 6 and 10 Day London Pass Itineraries

» 1 Day London Pass Itinerary

The adult price for a 1 day London Pass in 2020 is £75. For a different view of London, we always recommend the River Thames cruise that is included with the London Pass. Based on this, we would suggest the following route and to visit the following attractions in this order. You will find these attractions as red markers on our map below.

  • Westminster Abbey (£23.00): We start our day visiting the magnificent Westminster Abbey, one of the most famous places in London and a must-see on your visit to London. Westminster Abbey is located next to Big Ben so it’s a great way to start your first day of sightseeing in London. It will probably take you 1-2 hours to visit Westminster Abbey.
  • River Thames cruise – Westminster to the Tower of London (£18.75): Once you have visited Westminster Abbey, head to the river bank at Westminster Bridge on the same side as the London Eye. Here you can you can board a sightseeing river cruise along the Thames, something we would highly recommend to everyone visiting London. Get off at the Tower of London, next to the iconic blue Tower Bridge.
  • Tower of London (£27.50): A visit to the Tower of London is a must when you visit London. The Tower of London is one of London’s most important tourist attractions, an incredible palace and castle that you can’t miss on a trip to London. It will probably take you 1 – 2 hours to visit the Tower of London.
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition (£9.80): Once you have visited the Tower of London, head over to Tower Bridge, London’s iconic blue bridge and visit the exhibition inside it. Walk along its panoramic glass walkway and see the mechanics of the bridge that make it open and close.

Great news – Following this London Pass itinerary for one day, and visiting these four London attractions, you have already made back the cost of a 1 day adult London Pass!

You are probably feeling a bit hungry by now, so we’d recommend grabbing something to eat around the Tower of London. You could either grab something inside the actual Tower of London or head over to St Katharine’s dock, which is located next to Tower Bridge. St Katharine’s dock is one of our favourite hidden gems of London, and here you will find a large selection of attractive bars and restaurants.

From here, we’d recommend that you cross Tower Bridge by foot, and explore a few more attractions located on the south side of the river. You should still have plenty of time to visit the wonderful HMS Belfast and head up The Shard, the tallest building in London, for some absolutely stunning views of the city:

  • HMS Belfast (£18.00): We highly recommend visiting this impressive naval ship which has been turned into a museum, anchored in the River Thames next to Tower Bridge. HMS Belfast is open to the public until 5 or 6 pm (depending on the time of year).
  • The View from the Shard (£32.00): The tallest building in London has an incredible viewpoint located on the 72nd floor, and it really is a must if you have a London Pass. The View from the Shard is open until 7 pm Sunday to Wednesday, and until 10 pm from Thursday to Saturday.  

So far in one day, we have saved close to £60 per person with the London Pass compared to paying for each of the attractions at the gate.   

If you still have the time and the energy, you could also try to squeeze in one of these attractions into this itinerary as you’ll also find them around London Bridge: 

  • The Old Operating Theatre (£6.50): A smaller, alternative museum located in London Bridge next to the Shard, this is Europe’s oldest operating theatre. This museum is only open until 5 pm, so we would recommend visiting it before going to the Shard. 
  • London Bridge Experience (£20): If you fancy tackling your fears, the London Bridge terror passage should get your adrenaline pumping.  Open until 5 or 6 pm, depending on the time of year.

london pass itineraries

View from The Shard – Included with your London Pass

» 2 day London Pass Itinerary

The adult price for a 2 day London Pass for 2020 is £99. That’s £24 more than a 1 day London Pass. For your first day, we recommend following the itinerary described above for the one day London Pass. For your second day, we suggest that you visit these other attractions. You will find them as green markers on the map below:

  • London Transport Museum (£17.50): Located in Covent Garden. London’s Transport Museum tells the story of the history of transport and the evolution of the different transport methods used in the British capital. It is worth a visit just to see the old double decker buses, and a must if you are planning a trip to London with kids.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral (£20.00): The iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is a must if you have the London Pass. From here you can walk across the Millennium Bridge and reach the next attraction on our itinerary.  
  • Shakespeare’s Globe (£17.00): The replica of Shakespeare’s famous globe theatre on the south bank of the River Thames is an unforgettable experience.

You could also use the 2 day London Pass to see any of the following attractions if you have time:

  • Banqueting House (£6.50)
  • Guards Museum (£6)
  • Churchill War Rooms (£19)
  • Monument (£4.00)   


Red markers: Day 1  | Green markers: Day 2 | Blue markers: Other attractions to consider if you have time

» 3 Day London Pass Itinerary

The adult price for a 3 day London Pass in 2020 is £125.  That’s £26 more than a 2 day pass. Enter the promo code “qverlondres” for a 10% discount on a 3 day London Pass when you buy online. This will make it even better value for money. To make the most of a 3 day London Pass we recommend that you visit these London attractions in the following order:

Day 1: Discover Westminster Abbey before heading to Greenwich

  • Westminster Abbey (£23.00)
  • River Thames cruise – Westminster to Greenwich (£18.75): Take the river cruise from Westminster, but instead of going to the Tower of London as per the 1-day itinerary, we suggest you go to Greenwich, and take some time to explore this beautiful area of ​​London. In Greenwich we visit:
    • Cutty Sark (£12.15)
    • Greenwich Observatory (£7.70)
    • National Maritime Museum: Although admission is free, you can get a free guide when you show your London Pass.
  • River Thames cruise – back to Westminster (or a different stop should you desire).

Day 2: Discover the iconic Tower of London and London Bridge area

  • Tower of London (£27.50): We recommend an early start at the Tower of London, getting there for 9 am when it opens.
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition (£9.80): Discover the history and views of the London’s most iconic bridge.
  • HMS Belfast (£17.00): After crossing the bridge, we continue along the river bank and to explore HMS Belfast.
  • Old Operating Theatre (£6.50): Staying in the London Bridge area, we head to the oldest operating theatre in Europe.
  • After this, you would probably have time to visit one or two of these attractions:
    • London Bridge Experience (£20.00)
    • Shakespeare’s Globe (£17.00): The replica on the south bank of the Thames of William Shakespeare’s famous theatre. Open until 5.30 pm.
  • View from the Shard (£33.00): The city’s most-famous viewing platform, on the 72nd floor of the tallest building in London.

Day 3: Start your day in the City of London, then choose from option A or B for the afternoon

  • Monument (£4): Head to City of London to see the monument of the Great Fire of London.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral (£22.00)
  • After visiting Monument and St Paul’s Cathedral, choose between these two options:
    • Option A: Head to the area of ​​St James’s Park (next to Buckingham Palace) and visit
      • Churchill War Rooms (£18.00)
      • Royal Mews (£8.75)
      • Queen’s Gallery of Buckingham Palace (£9.75)
      • Guards Museum (£6.00)
      • Household Cavalry Museum (£7.00)
    • Option B: Or go to Covent Garden to visit:
      • London Transport Museum (£17)
      • After visiting the London Transport Museum in Covent go to Candy Cakes. A fantastic cupcake store inside covent garden market. Receive a free tea or coffee when you show your London Pass.
      • Benjamin Franklin House Museum (£7.00)

With these itineraries and visiting our suggested attractions, you can save £120 per person when using a 3 day London Pass.


Red markers:  Day 1 | Green markers: Day 2 | Yellow markers:  Day 3 | Purple markers: Day 3 option A | Indigo markers: Day 3 option B

» 6 and 10 Day London Pass Itineraries

You will easily make up the value of the pass when you buy a 6 day or a 10 day London Pass. You will be able to visit most of the attractions included in the London Pass. This will easily save you more than £200 per person.

You will also be able to visit attractions in London at a much more leisurely pace. For this reason, we haven’t specifically designed any London Pass itineraries for 6 or 10 days. One possibility is to start of by following our 3 day London Pass itinerary as described above. After those 3 days, you can take advantage of the rest of days to see more of London attractions.

Discount code for a 6 day pass

Enter the promo code “qverlondres” to get a 10% discount on the 6 day London Pass.

Recommended attractions

We would also highly recommend visiting the following attractions in London. This will enable you to make the most of a 6 or 10 day pass:

  • Windsor Castle
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Kensington Palace
  • Regent’s Canal (cruise from Camden to Little Venice)
  • London Zoo
  • Kew Gardens
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Charles Dickens Museum
  • some of the top football stadiums in London

Special offers included with the London Pass

Our London Pass itineraries should hopefully help you getting the most out of London Pass. But don’t forget that with a London Pass you can also get special offers in shops and restaurants. Just show your pass. Some of these offers are:

  • £5 to spend at “Crest of London” souvenir shops. There is a giant shop in Piccadilly Circus and several stands dotted around the most famous tourist streets of London.
  • 15% discount at M&M’s World in Leicester Square.
  • Receive a free goodie bag when you spend £5 at the Beatles store (located on Baker Street).
  • A free cup of tea or coffee at Candy Cakes in Covent Garden. This is ideal if you have visited the transport museum in London which is in the same square.


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