Combination tickets for London Attractions


With so many different and famous attractions to see, buying combination tickets for London Attractions when planning a trip to London is definitely the best way to save money.

There is so much to see in London, that when you start planning your trip you may feel overwhelmed when choosing what attractions to see. But don’t worry, I can assure you it’s a normal feeling! Once you have planned your London Itinerary, decide what attractions you want to visit. Buying tickets for each attraction individually will work out more expensive than buying combination tickets.

That’s why we’re going to make your job easier and we’re going to tell you which are the best combined tickets that you can get to enter various attractions in London. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that buying tickets online will be cheaper than bu them at the ticket office on the same day. Also, one of the advantages when buying tickets online, is that you can usually enter the attraction through the “pre-paid tickets” queues which will always be much faster. So by buying your tickets in advance, you can actually save money and time, and you certainly don’t want to waste time in queues when you are on holiday!

Combination Tickets for London Attractions

London’s most visited tourist attractions are the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, but as you already know, there are many others. London Attractions to visit with kids also include Shrek’s Adventure and the London Aquarium as popular attractions.

Bearing these important London Attractions in mind, we have selected the best combination tickets for London Attraction that we have been able to find online, giving you the chance to choose your favorite selection.

1. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour + Attraction of your choice

The hop on hop off bus tour is one of the best ways to explore such a big city as London, and that is probably why it’s one of London’s most popular attractions, especially for first-timers! One of my favourite things is that you can also get a free river cruise with your ticket (depending on the tickets that you choose) and a taking a Thames river cruise when visiting London in my opinion is a fantastic experience and totally worth it.

When you buy tickets for the hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour in London, it´s good to know that you can buy combination tickets for the bus tour plus another attraction, including the free river cruise, so you´re actually getting 3 London Attraction in this bundle.

Big Bus Tours gives you the opportunity of buying combination tickets for their hop on hop off bus tour and either entry to the London Eye or Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, plus the free river cruise. When you work out how much it would cost you to buy the HO-HO bus tour plus one of those attractions you´ll find that you are actually saving some money!

2. Combination tickets for London Attraction and Ticket Bundles

combination tickets London Eye

There are also combo tickets and ticket bundles available that will include entry to several of London´s  most important attractions, and this is also one of the best ways of saving you some money when visiting London.

The best thing about buying combined tickets this way, is that you can normally choose a date for each attraction, so you don´t actually need to visit them all on the same day. This gives you the chance of spreading the number of London attractions that you would like to visit to different days, at your own pace.

I have chosen a selection of combo tickets that include famous London attractions, taking into account which are the most important attractions, but there are many possible combinations. So if you can´t find tickets to the attractions you would like to visit, you can always take a look at the official website that offers these ticket bundles HERE.

» Combination Tickets for 2 London Attractions:

» Combination Tickets for 3 London Attractions:

  • London Eye + Madame Tussauds Wax Museum + London Aquarium → Find out more
  • London Eye + Madame Tussauds Wax Museum + Tower Bridge → Find out more

» Combination Tickets for 4 London Attractions:

  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum + Thames River Cruise + Tower Bridge Exhibition + Sightseeing Bus Tour → Find out more
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum + London Eye + London Aquarium + Tower Bridge Exhibition → Find out more

» Combination Tickets for 5 London Attractions:

  • London Eye + Sightseeing Bus Tour + Thames River Cruise + Tower Bridge Exhibition + Madame Tussauds Wax Museum → Find out more

» Combination Tickets for 6 London Attractions:

  • London Eye + Sightseeing Bus Tour + Thames River Cruise + Tower Bridge Exhibition + Tower of London + Madame Tussauds Wax Museum → Find out more

3. Merlin´s Magical London Sightseeing Pass

Merlin’s Magical London sightseeing pass is a family´s favourite, as it includes admission to the following attractions:

  • Shrek’s Adventure
  • London Eye
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • London Aquarium
  • London Dungeon

When you buy Merlin´s Magical London Sightseeing Pass, you will normally have to redeem your ticket at one of the attraction´s box office. When you buy the pass online, it will specify which attraction this will be, and you will normally visit this attraction on the day. At the box office of this attraction they will you the tickets for the other attractions that are included in the pass. These tickets are valid for 90 days. Shrek’s Adventure, the London Aquarium and the London Eye are located right next to each other, so you can either visit all the attractions on the same day or go on different days.

Not having to visit all of the attractions on a particular day will probably make your trip to London slightly easier, being able to enjoy London at your own pace, which is sometimes very important when traveling with kids!

4. London Explorer Pass

The London Explorer Pass is probably one of the options that I personally like the most. With this pass, you can choose if you want to visit 3, 4 or 5 London attractions and you have up to 30 days from the first day you use it to visit the rest of the attractions.

Some of the attractions included in the London Explorer Pass are the London Eye, the Sightseeing Bus Tour, a Thames River Cruise, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Shrek’s Adventure, as well as different Walking Tours around London and a Day Trip to Windsor.

Unfortunately, the Tower of London is one of the attractions that is not included in this London sightseeing pass.

5. London Pass

London PassThe London Pass is London´s best-known sightseeing passes. It includes entry to more than 80 London attractions, and you get to skip the queues at some of the most popular attractions, which is a great bonus.

Some of the attractions included in The London Pass are the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge Exhibition, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, the HO-HO Bus Tour, the Sightseeing Thames River Cruise, the London Transport Museum… The difficult thing is choosing which attractions you want to visit when you buy a London Pass! To make your life easier though, we have put together some London Pass Itineraries to make the most out of your sightseeing pass.

You can also use our promo code which will give you a 10% discount when buying the London Pass online.

6. West-End Dining + Theatre Show

If you are planning a trip London you are most likely considering watching one of London’s Top West-End Musicals one evening. And, the most likely thing is that you will want dinner too that evening!

So a good option is to buy a combo ticket which includes tickets to see one of London’s Top Musicals PLUS dinner at one of London’s popular restaurants for the same evening.

The restaurants included in these combined tickets are usually only a few minutes walk from the theatre, and are usually well-known restaurants in London, such as the famous “Jamie’s Italian” (Jamie Oliver) or Fire & Stone Pizzeria.


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