London Itinerary 4: Camden Town


Camden Town is where you´ll find one of London´s most famous markets, and it´s definitely one of those places that you need to include in your plans if you are planning a trip to London.

Camden Town is the place to go for shopping and eating and one of the best places if you want to have a great night out.  It’s a neighbourhood known well for its history with artists, writers and musicians, and home to some of the most famous rock and punk groups. The Market is located on cobbled alleyways under arches, which create a fantastic atmosphere for those looking for affordable merchandise, alternative and vintage fashion, accessories, music and much much more!

Suggested route to visit Camden Town

There are more than one thousand shops, cafes and restaurants in the area and the market is formed by different markets, both indoor and outdoor markets.

Estimated time

You can easily spend 2 – 3 hours visiting Camden Town, but the time it takes you to see it really depends on how much you stop to look at stalls or how many shops you decide to go into. The approximate distance of this route is 1.5 miles.

When to go

Camden Market is open every day of the week from 10 am to 6 pm, but Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days. Two of the indoor markets are only open on Sundays, but any day of the week is good to visit Camden Market in my opinion. I would recommend visiting Camden Market around lunchtime, are there are lots of different options to get lunch, or early afternoon.

Camden Market is open on Bank Holidays, with the only exception being Christmas Day.

Route details

Underground station: Camden Town (London Travel Zone 2).

  1. Turn right as you exit the tube station at Camden Town, and walk along Camden High Street. This is where you´ll see some of Camden´s distinctive shop fronts, with their iconic gigantic logos and figures. This is where you will find some high street shops as well as shops that sell alternative fashion, one of Camden’s main attractions.
  2. One of the first places you will see on your right is the Electric Ballroom, an iconic music venue that hosts an indoor market on Sundays.
  3. As you continue walking, you will find two outdoor markets: Inverness Market on Inverness Street to your left and Camden Market to your right.
  4. As you continue, you will get to the bridge to cross Regent’s Canal. This is Camden Lock, and a few restaurants and cafes can be found alongside the canal at Camden Lock. Once you cross the bridge, you will get to the indoor markets and the famous Stable Market on your left. Once you enter the market just keep walking! This is where you will find the famous shop Cyberdog, the statue of Amy Winehouse, and Camden’s famous food stalls.


What to see near Camden Town

On our map we have also highlighted a few places near Camden Town that are worth a visit if you have time. Regent’s Park is only a 10 minute from Camden Town, and here is where you will find London Zoo as well as Primrose Hill, one of the best places for breathtaking views of London’s Skyline.

One of our favourite options is to walk along or even get a water bus to Regent’s Canal all the way to Little Venice and Paddington.


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