London Itinerary 3: St Paul´s Cathedral, Tower of London and Southbank


This walking route starts at Monument. From here we’ll walk towards the Tower of London and Tower bridge. Get ready to cross Tower Bridge by foot, one of the world’s most famous bridges. Afterwards we will discover South Bank, visiting the Shard, Borough Market and other landmarks on our way.

You will find the map with the walking route at the end of this article. In this map you will also find restaurant suggestions and places of interest. Don´t forget that we have a free mobile app that you can use offline whilst visiting London.

Route from Monument to St Paul´s Cathedral


Approximate total distance: 2.7 miles.

Estimated time

You can easily spend  3 – 4 hours walking this route, but it really does depend on the attractions that you would like to visit, as there are quite a few of London´s best attractions along this route. It could take you up to 2 hours to visit the Tower of London, and another hour if you visit HMS Belfast.


When walking this route you will bump into the following touristic attractions. You may decide to visit all of these attractions, in which case this walking route might take you longer, or you may decide to see these attractions from the outside, having more time at the end of the route to explore more of London.

Route Details

  1. Our route starts at Monument Tube Station. From here we will start walking towards London Bridge. You will see The Monument to the Great Fire of London on your left hand side.
  2. We will reach London Bridge. From here you will find some steps that go down to the North Bank of the river.
  3. We will then walk towards the Tower of London. From here you will get some awesome views of Tower Bridge and The Shard, London’s tallest building.
  4. As you walk along the North Bank of Thames you will reach one of London’s most important landmarks: The Tower of London.
  5. We will then head over to St Katharine’s Docks. one of London’s best kept secrets. There are numerous restaurants in this area, so it’s the ideal place if you are looking to have lunch somewhere. 
  6. Our next stop will be Tower Bridge, and we will cross this iconic bridge on foot. 
  7. Once we get to the other side, you will find some steps to go down to the South Bank of the river Thames.
  8. Walk past London’s City Hall (Greater London Authority’s headquarters) and the HMS Belfast.
  9. Arrive at Hay’s Galleria. Here you will find a selection of restaurants and cafes as well as a few shops and stalls.
  10. Our next stop will be Bourough Market, one of the most spectacular markets in London. Market opening days are Wednesday to Saturday.
  11. Continue walking along the South Bank. Go past Shakespeare’s Globe and Butler’s Wharf until you reach the Tate Modern and the Millenium Bridge.
  12. St Paul’s Cathedral is just on the other side of the river. You can then cross the Millenium Bridge to visit see St Paul’s Cathedral or continue walking along the South Bank, as you can walk all the way to the London Eye.


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