London Itinerary 2: Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Knightsbridge


This walking route starts in London´s famous Oxford Street and takes us to discover Hyde Park and Kensington Garden´s secrets before seeing some of London´s most famous museums and Harrods.

We will go past the Royal Albert Hall and then continue to South Kensignton, where some of London’s most important museums can be found. We will then continue or walk towards Harrods, the famous department stores.

Route from Hyde Park to Knightsbridge and Chelsea

Estimated time

The estimated time really depends on how long you want to spend exploring Kensington Gardens, Harrods or the museums, but I’d probably say that you could spend a whole day especially if you intend to visit one of th e museums (even though you probably need a whole day to see the entire Natural History Museum to be honest). If it’s a nice day you can explore ore of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, or you can spend a bit of time in the museums, or you’d rather you would probably have time to visit one of London’s famous markets instead of walking towards Duke of York Square.


AlOng this route, the main attractions are the museums, which are free entry, but we will also be able to visit the following attractions for which you do need to pay to enter:

Route details

  1. We start our walking route at Lancaster Gate (Underground Station: Lancaster Gate). From here we enter Kensington Gardens, and we make our way towards the Statue of Peter Pan.
  2. We continue our route towards Kensington Palace.
  3. We continue our route towards the Serpentine Gallery and eventually reach the Albert Memorial.
  4. Opposite the Albert Memorial we’ll see the famous Royal Albert Hall.
  5. From here, it’s only a short walk to some of London’s most important museums: The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum are all here. The three museums are free to enter, and I would say that you won’t probably have time to see the three of them – the Natural History Museum on its own could take you a whole day! But I’d definitely recommend that you step at least isnid the Natural History Museum, as you won’t be disappointed.
  6. Afterwards we#ll continue our route towards the area of Knightsbridge, and walking past (or going in!) the famous department stores Harrods.
  7. From Harrods we can continue our walk towards Knightsbridge, but if you have time and you’re feet are not too upset by this point, I’d recommend that you walk to Sloane Square and Duke of York Square, and explore this lovely area of Chelsea full of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, as well as the Saatchi Gallery (free entry) or you could continue walking towards Hyde Park corner.


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